Welcome to Blacktiger Paintball

secret-agentsBlacktiger is an ASBL (since March 2014) which aims to promote paintball in Belgium and Europe. Blacktiger writes about paintball equipment and tests the main accessories related to it.
The profits generated by the non-profit activity are completely transferred in promoting paintball events and the support of its sports teams.

Blacktiger is a technical service specialized in maintenance, repair and refurbish of paintball markers and accessories. Our technicians are driven by passion and allow players to avoid the troubles of dismantling and maintaining their markers. We are gunsmith (2/22/15/001). Thanks to our precision tools and spare parts, we are able to provide a quality service in very short delays. The markers are handled with care and tested with quality balls before returning to their owner.

This project began in the summer 2012 and is the work of Phil (aka “Blacktiger”), experienced speed player and fanatics, who decided to use its skills to help players concentrate on the game and competition by taking care of the technical part.

Our workshop is located in Rixensart and our technicians can be contacted via our online form.
You can also meet us at our stand during events, we will be glad to share our passion with you!

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