The vanquish 2 (Empire)

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The Vanquish has the following characteristics:

– Medium pressure (500-650 psi)
– Closed bolt marker (Spool valve)
– Airport with on / off ASA with integrated regulator
– Canon 14 “base with 0.682, 0.685, 0.688 and 0.691
– Trigger  magnetic back by a  SWITCH
– Adjustable Board OLED
– Weight: 1044 g (barrel and battery included)

The Vanquish presented in this article, is the blue steel. It was announced at € 1,499.

1. The gun case

The gun case is a neoprene sleeve. It is equipped with a handle for transport. On the outside, there is a pocket equipped with a zipper. The gun case opens into 2 via a side zipper.


Once opened, we see that the gun case is divided into three compartments. A first compartment containing the marker in a pocket to its size. This pocket is tight. A central compartment containing the gun with its bases. And a third compartment containing the only tool, 3/32 equipped with a screwdriver head, and 2 pockets containing a pot of fat, a second head (special high speed), a hand kit, wrench 3/32 allen bent and a USB cable. We also find included with your marker, a CD-ROM containing the manual of your marker and a barrel plug.

IMG_4736 IMG_4738 IMG_4782

2. Ergonomy

The Vanquish is a team of 2 grips: one on the handle of the trigger (FRAME) and one on the front handle. The space between the handles is comfortable. We regret that the grip of the front handle is so square. It is also a pity that the promontory above the front handle is so imposing. We would have preferred a notch back (as on the vapor). It would have been good for “small” hands. Part of the trigger is sufficiently large and the space between it and the front handle.

The grip frame is held by 2 screws on each side, the grip of the front handle too. They are good. The screen and joystick absolutely not hinder the game.

IMG_4744 IMG_4739

3. The barrel

The barrel is a Cocker. It consists of a front and 4 bases 0.682, 0.685, 0.688 and 0.691. The supplied barrel measures 14 inches.


4. La gâchettegachette

Empire retains its magnetic reminder of the trigger system for its Vanquish. Triggering the firing takes place via a mechanical switch. The trigger, unlike the old version, can not be dismantled without removing the handle.

There are four settings you can configure the trigger. 3 are directly accessible via screw on the trigger.

A. Magnetic Voltage – it affects the “hardness” of the trigger;
– Turn the adjustment screw clockwise to increase the force required to pull the trigger.

B. Run forward – Adjust the position of the trigger when it is not used;
– Turn the adjustment screw clockwise decreases the length of the path of the trigger.

C. Course backward called “Stop” – Adjust the length of the stroke the trigger will travel when in use;
– Turn the adjustment screw clockwise decreases the trigger travel by making the trigger stops earlier.

D. Activation Point – Sets the position at which the trigger fires the shot;
– Turn the adjustment screw clockwise decreases the stroke of the necessary relaxation before the Vanquish draws.

IMG_4742 IMG_4747 IMG_4772

 5. The feeder

The feeder is related to the one of Eclipse. The feeder takes the marker body via a clamping screw. The loader is tightened by a clamp feeder whose voltage can be adjusted without tools via a rather large live to be caught between two fingers.

IMG_4746 IMG_4751

6. The eye system

The Vanquish 2 sees his eyes revised system. It is equipped with eye covers held by a screw to the body of the marker. The screw is locked in a slide under the eye cover. A sticky foam prevents the screw from sliding this slide. This is useful but a bit messy. The ball detent are also reviewed. They are composed of a part in a half circle PVC based on a spring. This system was set up to prevent wear to the forward position of the breech during quiescence.

IMG_4741 IMG_4765 IMG_4764
Feature: Never use the wrong direction when you turn the eyes. On the left, the eye is the linked with the card through a large plug 3 connectors. Right, there is a small plug 2 connectors.
Hint: one of the two electric right son, one is red => Right RED! QED.
In addition, if you are to remove the card and given the length of the electrical son, go gently or you’ll tear the son of electric plugs.


7. The air system

Your air system for Vanquish must be at a medium pressure (500 to 650 psi).

The Vanquish remains true to its predecessors. The controller is always integrated with the airport. The on / off system is represented as the AXE by a lever, very easy to use. live mode pressure
mode live pressure

The speed is controlled by adjusting the pressure. The pressure adjusting screw is located in the front part of the regulator. Using the hex key 3/32 “, turn the screw clockwise (inwards) to increase the pressure (and speed). Turn the screw clockwise to decrease antiphonal pressure.

Vanquish is a feature of the LIVE mode on the screen. Press and hold the D-pad left or right for 1 second to change the information displayed. Repeat this procedure until the display changes to the pressure reading. This visual indicator will help you determine the right pressure / speed with the help of a chrony. The detector is 50 to 250 psi. If the display is blank, c is that you are outside of this range. In fact this display system replaces the old ASA gauge system (cf. Empire Axe) making Vanquish most advanced technologically.

asa reg avt

8. The bolt

The bolt is released by pressing a push button on the top of Vanquish rear thereof. The bolt, unlike the old version, straight out.


The bolt set consists of 4 parts:

A. The bolt has 2 rings, the most anterior serves as a buffer. On the front of the bolt there is a rubber tip or bolt (thick ring) that absorbs shocks between the bolt and paintballs. It is clear that this seal must be removed to remove the bolt from the air guide.
There are 2 bolts supplied with your Vanquish.
– The first is red. It allows to draw more fragile balls and is suitable for our regions and our tournament rate of fire.
– The second is the gray. The difference between the two is that the gray is recommended for firing rates beyond 13 bps (balls per second). The difference between the two besides its color is the presence of a small hole in the back of the bolt to drain certainly faster air after firing.

IMG_4762 IMG_4760 IMG_4761 IMG_4763

B. The ROD is composed of 4 joints. This is the pointed piece that moves inside the bolt. Between the bolt and the pointed part of the ROD, it is a conical spring.

IMG_4756 IMG_4757
C. The air guide consists of 4 external joints and 3 internal seals. This is the part that covers the bolt.

IMG_4758 IMG_4759
D. The Back Cap has 3 joints. This is the color part which serves to lock the assembly.

IMG_4752 IMG_4753 IMG_4754

9. The solenoid

The solenoid is maintained by 3 screws. The solenoid is under the card into the body of the marker. Below it there are 3 flexible joints. Then error or oversight, but under the solenoid, there are no preconceived form to block the joints. As a result, it is sufficient that one of the joints move so that there is a leak.

IMG_2161 IMG_2162


10. The regulator

The controller is integrated into the airport. To increase the velocity, a key inserted through the opening in the front of the controller and screw (clockwise).
The controller is similar in design to that of the Axis.

IMG_4748 IMG_4749 IMG_4779
The idea to integrate the controller to the airport seems to us good. This moves the center of gravity backwards thus instinctively the barrel is pointed towards the top which is better to hit the opponent.




11. The board :

The board works with a 9v battery located in the rear handle. It is noteworthy that the battery is between 2 foams hold it in place. It is connected via a wire to the board.

The board is composed of 2 parts. One is longitudinally i.e. along the axis of the marker body and in the body of the marker, and the second is perpendicular thereto in the front handle. The second part of the board is composed of an OLED screen and a joystick. The display on the screen is vertical.

Access to the motherboard (the one in the center of the marker) is done by unscrewing a screw in front of the front handle.

IMG_4784 IMG_4768 IMG_4767 IMG_4770 IMG_4771 IMG_4772 IMG_4773 IMG_4775 IMG_4776 IMG_4777 IMG_4778 IMG_4769


The card program is presented in its operation such as Planet Eclipse. The basic display shows the shooting mode, the rate of fire, eye condition, battery, card lock, the state of the trigger and either a countdown counter or a shot a diagram showing the maximum or average rate of fire.
ecran de base

To access the unlocked card menu, press continuously the joystick button, the display shows OFF. If you continue to press or you again press the center button of the joystick switches off the map, but if you press up you enter the map menu. There you will have 4 possibilities is OFF, Config, System or Exit. Off the menu off your launcher. The config touch to your game. The system goes to the display option. The Exit menu allows you to return to the start menu (set). For details of the menu, see end of article.

Locking and / or unlocking of the card is obtained by pressing up / down switch on the card. When pressed, you will see the status of the lock change.

t lock


Feature of the software:

  • The device “Slick Wizard” lubrication monitoring system alerts you when you need to lubricate your marker. This indicator is actually a ball counter. After a number of shooting, the map estimated that the marker should be lubricated. It will lubrication after reset it. In our opinion, a marker should be re-lubricated after each use, as a minimum, a ball driven fund or after the ball excessively sensitive.
  • Electronic eye 4C compatible out of the box. This means a double beam at the “Bob Long” to detect the ball in the bottom of the firing chamber and a beam to detect whether the ball is fully retracted into the firing chamber. To cut eyes: press the joystick button up until a think appears in place of the logo of the eyes on the screen. Identical procedure to turn on again.
  • Connecting to a computer usable USB right out of box and without access to provide the necessary updates.
  • 3 configurations personnalisantes user to create and quickly and easily change your style of play in seconds.
  • Training Mode with sound feedback for users who want to find their trigger speed without the need for air or beads.
  • Anti Bolt Stick-user adjustable settings to prevent loss of raw logs.
  • Tournament shooting modes for you to stay within the law during the competition.
  • Resettable shot counter.
  • Display of average and maximum rates of fire.

Gallery :

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The practical test :

The Vanquish 2 was tested outdoors on 03/08/15 with Form 13. The base was 0.688. The Vanquish has a standard deviation of 6.97 which is 2 ‘worst result in our data base. His predecessor was a gap of 5.45. We advise that the test was carried out with a rechargeable battery (charged properly) and not with a battery energy paintball. In our view, this is a factor that can lead to irregularities.

vanquish 2


Conclusion :

The Vanquish is a considerable improvement from its predecessor. The improvements are sometimes a little rough but adequate. The main improvements are the new ball detent, barrel flange bolt and spring. The 2 major defect are its weight and seals in the solenoid. Unfortunately, despite these changes, the Vanquish 2 is not stable. On 50 shots, it varied 16x more than 10 fps.

We likedWe disliked
Single screw sizeNot same shooting results
Board menu completNo preformed slots seals under the solenoid
No macrolineWeight 1044 g
barrel with backIntegrated regulator to the airport for maintenance reasons
new ball detent
New spring bolt

We thank the Vanquish owner to for his help for the realization of the article.

Bonus :


The Black Tiger Tips :

Be sure to lubricate your Vanquish :the quality of fat helps.



Board Manual :


Menu Config :

Config num :  This mode allows you to choose your pre-registered profile. There are 3 possibilities profile. Change the values of a parameter will only affect the currently selected profile. If the current profile is the one, the changes to the user settings in the SETUP menu will only affect the profile 1.

Fire Mode : 

  • SEMI –  semi-automatique shooting
  • RAMP
  • AUTO
  • PSP B – Meet the PSP 2010-2012 standard using burst mode
  • PSP R – Meet the PSP 2010-2012 standard using the Ramp Mode
  • MILL – Meets Rules Millennium Series 2010-2012 using the Ramp Mode
  • NPPL – Meets 2012 NPPL rules by using the semi auto mode

Rof Cap : This option let you enable or disable the limitation to the rate of fire ON or OFF

Rof ON : This is the maximum rate of fire when the eyes are illuminated. It can be set to 8 to 25 bps.

Rof Off : This is the maximum rate of fire when the eyes are off.

Rof Dfault : The maximum rate of fire allowed if the eyes become dirty or no longer work.

Dwell ou la temporisation : By default, it is 18 ms.

Pull Deb ou Rebondissement de tir (REB TIR) :  This is the time in milliseconds that the trigger must be maintained to record a valid shot. This eliminates electronic noise and vibration that the card that can be misinterpreted as a shot and thus to make the marker. Too low will result in unwanted shots. A too high value will result in more difficult shots. So if your continuous caster to take one, two or more shots, this parameter must be controlled. The default value is 4 ms.

Rel Deb ou Rebondissement de relâchement (REB REL) : This is the time in milliseconds that the trigger must be released to record a valid shot. This eliminates electronic noise and vibration that the card can be misinterpreted as a shot and thus to make the marker. Too low will result in unwanted shots. A too high value will result in more difficult shots. The default value is 6 ms.

AMB level ou Niveau de ARM : Mechanical anti-rebound will help you avoid the “leakage” for consistent shooting bursts, resulting in extra shots balls while the trigger is not engaged. A lower value will make easier the high rates of fire. A higher value will avoid “leakage.” The default value is 0.

BIP time ou Temps de bille en place (BEP) : This is the time in milliseconds that the eyes should recognize a ball before allowing the marker to fire. Increase this to slower loaders to prevent the balls are cut off. Turn this option for faster loaders to increase your rate of fire. This option is effective only when the eyes are turned on and working properly. It is recommended that this option is 10 ms.

ABS Wait (Anti Bolt stick) ou Temps d’attente de l’anti-collage de la culasse (ACC) : This is the time in milliseconds that must pass after stopping to shoot to the ABS is activated. This helps to prevent the release of the first shot. ABS is an option that allows to compensate for the static friction of the cylinder head, which causes a lower velocity on the first shot. The default is 60 seconds.

RAMP START : This is the number of semi-automatic shooting for the ramping starts. The settings are possible for values ranging from 3 to 12 shots. In Millennium mode, this value is equal to 3.

RAMP SUSTN : This is the speed at which the first 3 shots, to start ramping must be learned. The settings are possible for values ranging from 3 to 12 shots. Caution default, the value is 3 which is not legal in the Millennium mode. In Millennium mode, this value is equal to 5.

RAMP RESET : This is the time after the last shot before the Ramping restarts. The default value of 1 ms. The settings are possible for values ranging from 0.1 to 1 sec. Caution default, the value is not legal at the Millennium where it should be zero.

BRST SHOTS : It determines the number of shots for each trigger when shooting mode is set to BURST PSP or B. The default value of 3. The settings are possible for values ranging from 2 to 6.

Menu System :

GAME TIMER: Sets the duration of a game it is a countdown.. The applications are numerous but little used … The GAME TIMER is personalizing 00:01 to 99:59.

TIMER ALARM: When the ALARM TIMER is activated, a sound is emitted when there is one minute countdown. The parameter is ON / OFF.

TRIGGER CMD: After holding the trigger for one second when the marker is in Live mode, the trigger allows the marker to initiate a function or a shooting force, an activation / deactivation of the eyes, or both. The setting will be expressed either OFF, MIX, FORCE, or BOTH.
In our opinion, this option is mode for cheating. Disabling the eyes must be on the request of the player to a ref and not by himself. Also you could put another shooting mode when disabling eyes that would not be legal, and so to pass legal manner and in an illegal way neither seen nor known. Beware of noise;-)

DWELL LOCK: If enabled, you can change DWELL options from 3 configurations (C1, C2, C3). When disabled, the timer for each configuration can be changed independently. Basically you preset your Vanquish in 3 different values ​​DWELL and this mode will allow you to select without having to enter the configuration of the card and thus prevent you from having unlocked and locked the card again. Thus saving time.

BRIGHTNESS : This is the setting screen brightness. By default, it is 50%. It is adjustable from 10 to 100%. CAUTION battery.

DIM TIME : This is the time after the last activation of the joystick to get a blurring of the screen. The default is 10 seconds. This parameter is adjustable from 5 to 60 sec. CAUTION battery.

AUTO OFF : This is the time after the last activation of the joystick to the Vanquish goes out. The default is 10 minutes. This parameter is adjusted from 5 to 60 min. CAUTION battery.

CUSTOM BOOT: This setting allows the user to enable or disable custom boot graphics. Custom splash screens can be made and downloaded using Editor startup screens via the USB Vanquish software. These applications are included on the CD-ROM supplied with the Vanquish. Note: If a custom splash screen was not downloaded but the user still active this function, the default startup screen appears.

BOOT TIME: This setting controls how long the startup screen appears. This time is adjustable from 0 to 5 seconds. If the setting is 0 seconds, the startup screen is off. This setting applies to standard and custom screen.

PRES SIZE: This is the font size. It can be large or small.

SOUND SYS: You can turn on or off the system sounds. This includes the ignition, extinction, and entry / exit menus.

JSTK SOUND: This is the sound of the joystick that beeps when the joystick is activated.

LUBE ALERT: This is the alert to so perform maintenance lubrication of your Vanquish. It allows to be enabled or disabled.

RESET LUBE: This parameter resets the counter lubrication.

TRAINING: When TRAINING mode. During the live mode, the marker will emit a fast beep rather than to operate the solenoid. Eyes are disabled. This allows users to practice the activation of laeurgâchette without air.

SHOOT RESET: This setting allows you to reset your shot count.

FCTRY RST: This setting allows you to reset all the settings defects like your Vanquish came out of the factory.


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