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The Shocker RSX has the following characteristics:
schoker rsx revu

– High recommended pressure (400 to 850 psi, <800 psi for 15 bps)
– Closed bolt marker (Spool valve)
– Airport with on / off ASA
– Barrel 14 “with insert 0689
– Trigger (Trigger) by a mechanical trigger SWITCH
– Adjustable board by an LED screen
– Operating pressure 170 psi
– Weight: 771 g (battery included cannon)

The Shocker RSX presented in this article is a “black” release. It was announced at 920 €, price.

1. The gun case

The gun case is very compact and convenient. This is a neoprene sleeve with a carry handle. The gun case opens with a zipper into 2 compartments. The main compartment contains the marker in a preformed mold. The second compartment contains the barrel plug in color shocker, a smart hand grease pot, a hand kit, wrench set, manual and barrel.

The manual is a bit light (although …), it should be in another material than just paper. It will quickly be damaged. In addition to the factory of the card values are absent.
The kit is in a plastic box and is rudimentary. The size of the joints are not specified.
Also provided is a set of keys on a support. We find it a pity that it was not provided with all the keys filling this support.

IMG_1251 IMG_1252 IMG_1253 IMG_1254 IMG_1255 IMG_1256 IMG_1271


2. The ergonomy

The ergonomy is excellent. It has a very good grip. The shocker is extremely lightweight, 771 g with the barrel and battery. Despite its weight “light” it is physically robust overall, with the exception of screws.

The frame is equipped with a grip maintained by 3 screws on each side. The handle of the controller is extremely thin, it is not equipped with grip.

It is a marker striker.

IMG_1259 IMG_1260

3. The barrel

The barrel is with no Cocker screws. It has a length of 14 inches. It is a barrel in 2 parts to insert. It is supplied with a .689 insert.

IMG_1257 IMG_1258

4. The triggerTrigger

The trigger is in the shape of S. It is adjustable in 4 points:

A. Magnetic tension: it is the top of the screw that adjusts the voltage of the trigger ie of the pressure you’re going to perform the trigger for the move.

B. Pre-Travel: It ‘is the journey to the front of the trigger marker.

C. Firing Point: This is the point at which the shooting will sound.

D. Post Travel: It is a question of the journey towards the rear of the trigger marker.



 5. The feeder

The feeder is classic. It is held to the label by a clamping screw. It is a pity that for the feeder setting it is necessary to use an allen key, at the time of no-tools.

IMG_1261 IMG_1262

6. The eye system

The eye is a mixed system between the Luxe and Eclipse. The eye cover is held by a screw. Hereunder is incorporated a Ball detent which is a plastic plate resting under a spring. The eyes are diodes as Eclipse but here it is preformed to clip into the body of the marker as the Deluxe. Here eyes transmit their information by electrical son like Eclipse.

IMG_1272 IMG_1273 IMG_1274 IMG_1275
To turn the eyes:

– Turn on your marker,
– Press the on / off button until the logo of the eyes, inscribed OFF.


7. The air systemairport

A conventional air system with an on / off screw. Note the presence of a seal in it.

Smart share recommends a pressure between 400 and 850 psi. For shooting high speeds it is recommended to play over 800 psi.









8. The boltbolt


The bolt opens with a pressure under the End-cap. It is unfortunate that the joints are not the standard and factory size.

It consists of three parts:

A. Bolt (yellow room) is equipped with 5 joints. On the back forward, each has its uses. The first ensures amortization of balls down the loader. The second is a bumper on which the bolt comes crashing down. The third is needed for a good seal of the Chamber Guide. The last 2 have the same function but for the firing chamber.

B. The Chamber guide (gray room) is equipped with 3 external seals, an internal seal and a big seal on its front to reduce ball breakage.

C. Firing chamber (blue room) is equipped with 4 rings (three external and one internal). It is screwed on the Chamber guide.

IMG_1264 IMG_1265 IMG_1266 IMG_1267 IMG_1268 IMG_1269 IMG_1270


To adjust the speed of the bolt (Be careful not to do, according to the tech, as for high firing rates):

9. The solenoid

Given the complexity of access to the solenoid which required removal of the card, we do not recommend to dismantle it. Unfortunately the cable is mingled with elements of the card and the battery, making removal more complicated.

Suffice it to a schema based on analysis.

The solenoid is as that of the Luxe, vertical. His manifold, original, seems well designed but given the number of joint and present filter may fuiter. A screw is present at the end to adjust the speed of bolt for the high rates of fire. One can find a comparison to the SFR GEO. It is finally a screw which physically limit the solenoid air outlet.


10. The regulatorVelocity

The regulator is reversed. C-ie to increase your velocity, you must SCREW and, to lower the velocity, unscrew.

The dismantling of the regulator is also complicate. You will need all the allen keys available in the kit and hook. It is equipped with gaskets 5 and 2 springs. CAUTION : do not to reverse them.

On the side of your controller you have 3 holes, if a leak is present at one of these, use the diagram cons to identify your failure.




IMG_1285 IMG_1284 RSX-Regulator-Leak-Guide


11. The board :

The board works with a 9V battery. It is connected to the solenoid and eyes by electrical son that wrap around the elements of the card, making removal difficult.

IMG_1277 IMG_1278 IMG_1281
It is equipped with an OLED screen. His menu is very similar to the Luxe.


To unlock your marker:

– Unscrew the left side grip,
– Turn your marker,
– Press the “programming lock”, the logo “lock” on the screen will open.


To access the map menu: Tournament lock

– Switch off your marker,
– Switch on again while pressing the trigger.







Gallery :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The practical test :

The test was carried out in good weather with 22 degree. The bottle used was a low pressure of 450 psi. One would increase the pressure up to 750 psi.

The Shocker is very quiet and gentle, “smoothies” with paintball ball yet it has a sizeable kick similar to Dye NT10. His shot is clear, in bell. When the bottle is empty, velocity increases gradually until back to zero.

We have finally been able to take correct measurements. The test took place on 08/21/15 by the hot, dry weather. The ball used was G.I. Field. Measurements were taken using the chrony Virtue. The bottle used was set at 450 psi.

The score is a difference of 4.5 fps. This is an average score. Compared with markers 500eu, it is in second place. The drone 2 is superior and is tied with Etek 5. Compared to the brands of more than 1000eu, it is equivalent Luxe to but less than the markers at Planet Eclipse.

Shocker RSX


In conclusion :

The shocker seems to us as a good value especially with the increase of price due to the dollar currency. It is ideal for a player who wants to get involved in the high level competition. It is unfortunately not complete. His textbook, the lack of a complete set of key (you have just what you need) and the presence of a single insert, needs to be completed. Even though the basic maintenance is simple, it is not easy to remove the controller or the handle to access the solenoid. It remains less practical, in our view, to its big brother the Deluxe DLX.

We likedWe disliked
The thin and lightweight designOne insert
The priceNot all size allen key, just what you need
The weightThe manual
Materials of high qualityThe kick
Oled screenThe electric cable around the battery and board
No macro-lineRegulator maintenance
O-rings not size standarts


Bonus :

The Black Tiger tips :

Be sure to grease your Shocker RSX using Smart fat part.

Buying tighter inserts seems indispensable.

Please also always use a quality battery type or Duracell Energy Paintball (not lithium).

There are updates on the website : 


Manual :

The menu is similar to Luxe.

The fire mode “Firing Mode“: The Deluxe has 15 different shooting modes ranging from semiautomatic, capped Semi, NXL, PSP, Millennium, CFOA, AutoResponse, Training Mode, Burst Mode, Full Automatic and customizable modes 5 .

The dwell is adjustable. Originally it is set to 18 ms. We remind you that the dwell is the time during which your solenoid will pass air under pressure to push the bolt forward to release the air pressure in the firing chamber and thus propel the ball. If the weather is too high, it may be that the ball is struck too hard and breaks. Conversely a too low time will propel the ball with little force is little velocity. By cons it is true that in winter or cold weather, the dwell may be increased by one or two units to recover a correct velocity and conversely in summer.

The Training Dwell, this is the same parameter as the previous but when the Shocker pulls in the Training mode. It is adjustable from 1 to 8 ms. Originally it was 4 ms. There is no use to change this setting.

The Software version gives you the latest version upload your Shocker.

The Vision mode has 3 modes: Vision, Delay, Forced Shoot. Vision mode triggers shot if there is a ball blocking the beam of the eyes. Delay mode does not fire the shot when the firing chamber is empty but waiting a half second to trigger the shot when a ball is in the firing chamber. The Forced Shoot mode triggers shot if a ball is present in al emplacement or if the trigger is maintained for more than one second ..

The Loader delay is the time that the Shocker must wait to trigger the shot after the ball detect.

The B.P.S. limit is the parameter that allows you to adjust the number of ball per second that your going to get luxury.

The B.P.S. Fine lets you adjust per shift tenth Limit your BPS.

Bypass B.P.S. is the number of log limit per second with dull eyes.

Burst count is the number of shot made after pressing the trigger. I This parameter is only useful in the Burst mode.

Shoot to enter the rebound allows you to determine the necessary pressure on the trigger to trigger the campsite.

Shoot to sustain the rebound allows you to determine the speed at which the 3 shots semi automatic must be made to trigger the ramping.

The Trigger Debounce allows you to adjust the delay between electrical spikes that the card emits to detect shooting. At no time is low at the peaks are emitted to detect shooting. In short, it is the sensitivity of the trigger.

The Mechanical Debounce lets you adjust the sensitivity of your trigger to set the trigger very short so therefore there are risks of bounce (the marker shoots himself following the shock shooting). This setting will prevent you bounce.

The FSD compensation allows you to compensate for friction due to the first shots by compensating for the lack of dwell. This is the anti-stick bolt.

First drop the boot timer allows you to determine the time it reactivates the FSD compensation following the judgment of the shot.

Auto shutdown is a time that is activated when not using your luxury. At the end of it, your luxury go off.

The Speaker volume is the speaker volume of your luxury. It can fit on three levels.

The Language is the mode to change the language of your luxury. English, German, Russian and Spanish are standard. It is possible to put the luxury French download a patch at the site of DLX.


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