The Rotor R-2 (DYE)

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This year, Dye presents the second version of its popular Rotor.

Summary :

– Regular speed  ( +50 BPS)
– 3 AA batteries
– Adaptable Capacity 200-260 balls
– Weight: 576 g





Due to competition in the market for loaders, Dye proposes an original system that allows to switch from 200 balls to  260 balls and vice versa. This system is in a horizontal clip which allows to raise the hull, by sliding it to the right. This system is rather rigid and requires frequent use to have flexibility on his side.



R-2 Rotor operates using 3 AA batteries. It lights up like the first version, by an LED button. The novelty is the addition of a ball counter which goes to zero at each ignition of the rotor. Each time, from 110 balls, the rotor ring 2 times. A 160 ball from the rotor ring 3 times. Once reloader, you must press the button under the on / off button to turn the meter back to zero.
It is possible to cut the LED and / or sound on the motor rotor R-2. On the engine, there is a “lead” with 2 switches. The 1 is the LED. 2 corresponds to the sound. Placed one of the switches up and it is ON. Down, it is OFF.

Above the ON / OFF button on the engine, there is a screw to adjust the spring tension. Beware of extremes, there is a risk of breaking balls in the loader which is not advisable.


The R-2 Rotor retains the manual system to release the ball.


One of the points that made the success of Rotor disassembly ‘no-tools’, without tools. In the second version, the hood (QuickFeed) is very easy to disassemble with the help of a push button. As always the wound will require finesse with the spring. By cons unlike the old version, this is an advantage in case of rain or sun. In the old version, it was painful to move from cover to QuickFeed and vice versa. Here, with the usual, this is easy and fast.

IMG_3138 IMG_3136 IMG_3135 IMG_3134
To remove the shell, it is still easier by sliding the clip to the left.

IMG_3129 IMG_3128

On the contrary, where the system to push the balls on the first version was very accessible, here you will have to remove a plate, the Floor Tray, (here red) maintained by 3 clips. Use a sharp nail or pin.

IMG_3126 IMG_3125 IMG_3123 IMG_3122 IMG_3121
Once removed, the biasing system is identical to the first version except for the Center Rotor Arm which has an anti foam breakage additional ball.

IMG_3120 IMG_3119 IMG_3118 IMG_3117 IMG_3116 IMG_3115

Notice of Players:

The R-2 Rotor is solid and heavy. It weighs 576 g with batteries. It is, like its predecessor, of good quality and solid. One hears, unfortunately, not as on the Spire, logs impacts on its hull.

The R-2 Rotor like its predecessor, does not work with the original Reball.



 Virtue SpireDye RotorRotor R-2
Weight (empty with batteries)533g610g576g (without battery)
Batteries needed3x AA3x AA3x AA
Capacity200 balls190 balls195/255 billes
SpeedVariable (step by step)Constant (40bps)Constant (40bps)
anti-ball-break systemYesNoNo
SpeedfeedVirtue Crown (45€)Rotor quick-feed (30€)Rotor R2 quick-feed (39,95eu)
Other brands accessoriesNo (not yet)Yes (Exalt)?
Game-styleBack playerAttacking playerpolyvalent
Public price for basic version175€180€249.95€
Capacity upgrade260 balls cover (out current 2013)250 balls cover (25€)Remove shield
Easy to change the
speedfeed with a cover
Manual systemNoYesYes
Can be used with reballs
(reusable balls)



Rotor R-2 is a worthy successor to its predecessor. We regret its price and the difficulty of dismantling which are, in our opinion, the 2 major defects of this loader especially vis-à-vis its competitors. It has the merit to innovate with its variable capacity but, unfortunately, we think this is not enough for the R-2 has established itself as leader in loaders as did its first version which was literally revolutionized the market loader with its no-tools and design consistency.




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