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The Drone 2 has the following characteristics:MacDev-Drone2-Side-Black-e1429114366405

– MANDATORY Low pressure (<550 psi)
– Closed bolt marker (Spool valve)
– Airport with on / off ASA with integrated regulator
– Canon 14 “with base 0691
– Trigger (Trigger) by a mechanical trigger SWITCH
– Adjustable color flash card (possibility of a screen)
– Weight: 826 g (battery included cannon)

The Drone 2 presented in this article is a “black” release. It was announced at 539 €, price.

1. The gun case

The gun box remains true to Macdev. There is a zippered neoprene skin, horyzontale slipped, into an open cardboard with the brand.

Once the gun box is opened, one finds the marker on one side with a warning LOW PRESSURE ONLY. On the other side, there is a rudimentary hand kit, a glossy manual barrel plug, a 10 ml tube of grease and barrel shift 2.

The kit consists of 3 hand cranked keys and “royally” 3 joints.

IMG_1090 IMG_1091 IMG_1092 IMG_1093 IMG_1094 IMG_1095

2. Ergonomy

The ergonomy is simply excellent. The drone is a striker marker. We naturally position the thumb above the cannon. Also present grips on the front handle and barrel make comfortable position.


3. The barrel

The barrel is Shift 2 Lite. It consists of 2 parts, a front and a back to base and not insert. It is a cannon cocker screw. He, once mounted, 14-inch and its base is 0.691.

He is the “light” version of the Canon Shift 2. It is not possible to place an insert like the barrel shift 2.

Particularity, the screw is reversed as at Planet Eclipse.


4. The trigger

The trigger is triggered C.’re shooting via a mechanical switch. It is adjustable in 2 points.


The bottom screw adjusts the back race.
The second rule of the activation points shooting.

The trigger can be dismounted by loosening the 2 screws on either side of the marker at the base of the trigger. Additionally if you strongly tighten the trigger put it careful not to force it.

IMG_1119 IMG_1099

 5. The feeder

The feeder remains the basic model from Macdev. Please note that it is VERY sensitive at its base.

Novelty the ring on which the feeder screws can be removed ensures good adhesion to the feeder.

IMG_1102IMG_1109 IMG_1110

6. The eye system

The system remains the same eyes, infrared eyes, a ball detent set up under a plastic plate attached to the label with a screw.

The particularity comes from the eyes to the connection card. Where usually the son of the eyes come to connect directly to the card and where the regulars of dismantling will take the lead not to crush the electrical son by the handle. Macdev innovates! The connection to the main board is via another card secured by a screw to the body of the marker. The second map must therefore equipped with a port for the eyes and for a second solenoid. It is in contact with the main board through the electrical contacts when the handle is attached to the body of the marker.

Eyes lit not detecting ball in the firing chamber, red flachent.

The eyes lit detecting a ball in the firing chamber, flachent fuschia.

The dull eyes fuchsia flachent flashing. To shut your eyes, turn your marker and press and hold down the button until the following appears fuschia.

IMG_1102IMG_1109 IMG_1110

7. The air system

The air system on / off Macdev is a small evolution. On the on / off, there is no seal, everything is internal.

The Drone 2 ONLY operates at low pressure. In our tests we used a bottle where the preset was set to 450 psi. Its efficiency is 12 pots !

The Drone 2 purge himself but only if you unscrew the pretty On / off until screw.

Please always screw your bottle thoroughly when using it.

IMG_1096 IMG_1100 IMG_1125

8. The bolt

The bolt is unscrewed by an Allen key, no notools system. But with the use it is possible to unscrew by hand.

The bolt is composed of 5 parts.

  • The bolt, all-aluminum, is equipped with 2 joints.
  • The valve keg is the black room, equipped with a seal
  • The “can” is equipped with 5 plastic rings, 2 internal. Beware the “can” is actually composed of two parts screwed together (+ Heading keg valve).
  • The back cap closes it off, also equipped with a gasket.

IMG_1113 IMG_1114 IMG_1115 IMG_1118

9. The solenoid

The solenoid remains the standard Macdev, fixed by 2 screws to the body of the marker. He sees himself connected to the secondary card. But above all, it is in direct contact with the firing chamber, finished subplates.



10. The regulator

The controller moves. It is now in the rear handle frame. It is of simple design: a piston, a spring and a pressure adjusting screw equipped with a filter.

The piston is equipped with a seal. At its height, it is understood that the drone 2 does not support the high pressures.

Velocity adjustment screw is equipped with two external seals and an inner seal. It is surrounded by a filter.

IMG_1123 IMG_1134 IMG_1135

11. The board :

The card is fully reviewed. It is powered by a 9V battery via an electric wire. In upgrade, it will be possible to add a screen. This upgrade is not yet available (article written in May 2015).

As said above, it is composed of 2 parts, one in the handle and the other, smaller, in the body of the marker where the eyes and make the solenoid connection.

How to enter the Map menu? With your marker off, press the trigger continuously and turn it simultaneously. The marker flashes white then turns blue. At this time, where the blue marker wane you can release the trigger, you are in the menu.

<aIMG_1122 IMG_1124 IMG_1126 IMG_1130 IMG_1131 IMG_1132

Gallery :


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



The practical test:

The test was conducted on 05.15.15 by a sunny and 17C °. The ball was IM 4 stars dating from the Millennium Bitburg potting a week before. The air bottle had a preset set to 450 psi. The chrony used was Virtue.
The gun used was the shaft 4 from Planet Ecipse with 0689 base.

The income level, piecemeal, is simply the BEST result, to date, our database. A standard deviation of 3.25 !!! FYI, the highest score was kept by the GSL with 3.59. Auto critical, the ball used in this test is significantly superior to other tests, usually were made with the IM 3 stars.

Shooting is moderately tense. The kick is not present. The sound is okay for a marker of this price.



The Drone 2 is a real evolution of the Drone.
We especially liked its ergonomics between the position of the hands / gun / trigger, quality and regularity of shooting, and innovation in design. It is a marker striker.

We note the will of Macdev be simpler, especially using the second card, finished electrical son that twists, pliers etc.

Drone 2 defects are its gun, be sure to change it, and the quality of its screws.


We likedWe disliked
The thin and lightweight designMaterials of low quality
Regular shootingNo USB on the board
Quality/priceThe barrel
Low kick and noice
The trigger
The firm grip in the hands
Second board
Efficiency : 12 pots
No macro-line


Thank the owner of the Drone 2 for her ready for the realization of the article.



Efficiency test video

The Black Tiger tips:

Be sure to lubricate your Drone 2 with quality grease such as Fuel or Macdev grease tube.

Please, also, often tighten your bottle with air. Sometimes the drone pressurizes before you reach the thread. In this case, unscrew the On / off and screw in your air your bottle before screwing on / off.

Change the original barrel with a complete kit or shift 2 Shaft 4 for example.

We were told that the velocity decreases during the first use. Please change the original battery with a battery energy paintball and regrease your bolt.
If the problem persists, replace it with a dwell to 12 ms.


Manual :

Blue – Debounce 10ms Default

We remind you that the bounce is the sensitivity of the trigger. The more sensitive your appointment trigger, the greater your risk of bounce ie of unwanted shots and therefore refuse to see your marker by arbitration. We set this parameter to 5 ms.


Red – Dwell 10 ms Default

The dwell is the time during which your air solenoid receives. We prefer to leave this setting to its original value. But two situations could lead you to raise or lower your dwell:

– You could go down if you dwell ball breaks in hot weather for example. Please clean your eyes front.

– You could ride your dwell to 12 at a too low speed. Please change the original battery with a battery energy paintball and regrease your bolt.

White – Shooting Mode 1 by default. You must place the mode to 10.

1 Uncapped semi

2 semi Capped

Uncapped 3 3 shot burst

Capped 4 3 shot burst

5 Uncapped full auto

Capped six full auto

7 (unused)

8 (unused)

9 Capped PSP

Capped 10 Millenium


Green – Max ROF value 10 (12.5 bps) Default

The ROF (ball per second) is adjustable by 1/2 ball. It starts at 8 bps. So 8bps 1 flash = 2 flashes = 8.5 bps, 3 flashes = 9 bps, etc ….
We recommend placing it on the value 5 = 10.0 bps.


Yellow – Ball delay default value 15

This is the time that you allow a ball off the loader. For quick loader, you can lower it but be careful not to reduce too, the risk of breakage ball is present.


Teal – Anti mechanical debounce – Default value 2

This setting adjusts the bounce on mechanical elements.


Purple / fuchsia – Anti bolt stick – value 3 Default

This setting avoids the phenomenon “bolt stuck” at the first ball. It adds time to dwell to see more energy.


Flashing blue – reset of the card according to the factory settings.


Flashing red – cycle – default 2

This is a parameter relating to buffering “buffering” to the card. DO NOT TOUCH


Blinking white – Eye Mode – default 2 (forced mode)

1 – delayed
Here the marker can shoot if there is no ball in the firing chamber if and only if the trigger is pressed for at least a half second.
2 – forced
Here the marker does not know if pulling a ball is not present in the firing chamber.
3 – test mode with full dwell
4 – test mode with adjusted dwell


Blinking green – Bolt tracking delay – 10 ms Default

This is a setting that provides good set up of your marker. DO NOT TOUCH


Blinking Yellow – Dwell for test – Default 2 ms

If you switch to test mode (see above), this parameter adjusts the dwell at lower values ​​to avoid any deteriorations of your solenoid.


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