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The Axe Pro is the mid-range marker in Empire. It has the following features:
axe pro black

– The Axe Pro works in high (800 psi) or low pressure (450psi).
– Valve with spring
– Control Relay on / off
– Canon 14-inch 2-piece with 0688 base (inner diameter)
– Mechanical Switch
– Adjustable screen by Map
– Weight: 1014 g (canon and battery included)

The Axe Pro presented here is the black base color. It was announced at 699eur, customer price.

1. The gun case :

The gun case has not changed. This is a cardboard box with a lid. After opening the lid, the box is divided into 2 compartments. The first compartment, the top contains the marker that sits in a soft foam mold. The second compartment containing the gun, a grease pot, a hand kit in a compartmentalized plastic box with allen key. There are also a barrel plug. All these elements lie in a soft foam mold. The manual is on a CD-ROM supplied with the marker.


2. Ergonomy :

The interface remains the same.

For those who discover Axis Pro is a compact marker just like its little brother the Invert Mini. The space between the hands is small. As part of the trigger is enough for two fingers.

In the front handle, there is the card and the battery. The front handle has no grip. It’s even big for small hands.
The frame (rear handle) features the same grip than its predecessor maintained by 2 screws on each side. In our opinion, the presence in the bottom of it, a gauge for the controller is a gene that is when the left hand strums.

Axis Pro weighs 1014g.

IMG_5217 IMG_5216 IMG_5215 IMG_5214

3. Barrel :

The barrel of the Axe Pro is different from its predecessor.
It is not always Cocker. It is, finally, in 2 parts, which simplifies the choice of possible bases. It measures 14 “inch, which is the standard length of guns.
Originally, you will receive a base 0.688.

IMG_5212 IMG_5211

4. Trigger :

The trigger has not changed.

The trigger is adjustable with 4 screws but does not allow wide variation due to the risk of not activating the shooting.

From top to bottom:

  • The first screw located in the upper part of the trigger controls the forward movement.
  • The second screw adjusts the range of motion back.
  • The third screw at the bottom of the trigger sets the magnetic return the trigger.
  • The screw, the 4th, under the trigger, sets the point of activation of the trigger. This screw can only be adjusted when the frame or the trigger has been detached from the body of the marker.

IMG_5201 IMG_5200 IMG_5199

 5. Feeder :

The feeder has evolved. He approaches the Eclipse models, c-a-of a clamping screw to clamp without tools and screws at the base to hold the body of the marker. This solves a big flaw of its predecessor where the feeder was breaking in the body of the marker during a violent shock.


6. The eyes system :

The system has evolved eyes.
Empire understood that the eye covers could be useful. These take a screw.

The ball detent are identical to that of the Vanquish.

Infrared diodes have also changed back to a more traditional system that has proven itself. The cable-eye connects to a similar card the old model of AXE. It is located under the body of the Axe.


IMG_5198 IMG_5197 IMG_5191

7. The airport and regulator “Relay”:

The air system is the same as the Mini, except that it is equipped with a lever on / off.
The airport actually contains an integrated controller. It is advisable not to exceed 200 psi regulator. This is set using an Allen key in front position of the controller. Regulator, air goes into the handle to reach the solenoid and the firing chamber. We have not dismantled the regulator for the same reason as, for the writing on the Axis, there is always a detailed diagram of the regulator.

It is recommended, with the Axe Pro to play low pressure <500 psi. But it is quite capable of handling high pressure 750-800 psi.

The differences with its predecessor is the design of the lever on / off and the step size to adjust the regulator.

Another difference is the MAJOR Relay mounting system frame. Yes it was a big failure of the Axis, this section has been revised and simplified. Now we find a much more conventional system with 2 screws.




8. The bolt :

The bolt is easy to maintain. It is similar to the Mini. It has 6 rooms including 2 springs.

Starting from front to back, are:

– The main spring “main spring” which is responsible for the return of the cylinder head to the starting position.
– Breech “bolt” which is equipped with two external seals and a thick joint forward of the yoke to absorb the shock received by the ball when the percussion thereof breech. We recall that the head is not responsible for the propulsion of the ball. The cylinder head is responsible for passing the ball between the detent ball and the opening to the barrel of the compression chamber.
– The Bolt guide is the main room. It is composed of seven joints where only the front joints 3 are important. It is advisable to ensure good adhesion between these 3 rings and cylinder head.
– The valve and its spring, has a single joint. It is recommended to grease it and this, with a good fat.
– The “bolt cover” the cap bolt guide is equipped with a charge seal the rear of the sealing bolt. The cap can adjust the velocity by changing the volume of the compression chamber. By increasing the volume, thus loosening the cap using an allen key, if the pressure is sufficient, you will increase the velocity of your marker. The difference with the former Axis has the step size to adjust the velocity.

The opening system is bolt-tool NO. Just press a button and slide the bolt straight out to the body of the marker.

IMG_5209 IMG_5210 IMG_5208 IMG_5207 IMG_5206 IMG_5205 IMG_5204 IMG_5203

9. The solenoid :

The solenoid Axe Pro is ALWAYS the same as the mini. This is a solenoid to a channel. If you really want to dismantle your solenoid (not recommended), you will find a magnetized cylinder in a coil that comes and goes through a spring. The interior of the cylinder is not available but there are: the ends, two bumpers (rubber for shock absorption) and 2 springs. Under the lid held by screw 3, there is a seal.

 IMG_5195 IMG_5194 IMG_5193

10. The board :

For Axe Pro, Empire has set the REDLINE series, which is equipped with an LCD screen and more comprehensive settings. Adjustments are made via a joystick.

The battery is always a 9v battery, connected to the board by an electric cable. The battery will always stay at the front handle.
The card is always connected in the same way. CAUTION Do not bend the tips of contacts. In our opinion this system, even if it is proven, is exceeded cf clone 5, CS1,

IMG_5202 IMG_5196 IMG_5192 IMG_5188

Gallery :

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The practical test :

The practical test was performed under good conditions. Axis Pro tested was equipped with the base of origin and the bottle was a high pressure 700 psi. The ball test for the rest of the G. I. 3 stars and the rest chrony Virtue.

During testing, we have broken no balls. The velocity generally varies as its predecessor. This is not surprising: even bolt, even solenoid same regulator …

Axis Pro has a medium shot or tense or bell. He has a normal kick for a marker that price. The noise is that of the Axis, it does not break. Compared with other markers in the same price range, Axis Pro is silent.



In conclusion :

Axis Pro is not a revolution, it is rather a logical evolution of its predecessor.

What has changed ?

The Eye system: Yes finally covers eye !!!
A cannon in 2 parts
A card with serial display
By cons, on time today and seen the price of 700 on the marker when Empire will do a REAL gun box?

Regarding regularity, Axis Pro rivals much more expensive markers him. In its price range, it is not comparable to other markers seen its totally different technology. We’ll just say that it is less regular than others, but certainly more quiet and comfortable given its extremely light kick.

This is an excellent marker of choice for a beginner.

We likedWe disliked
Low noice and kick No view about the regulator
New Eyes systemNo evolution about bolt, solenoid and regulator
New Barrel in 2 partsPrice + 200eu !!!
New FeederNo real gun case
Board and screen
Easy maintenance

Thank you to the owner of the marker for the loan.


Bonus :

The Black Tiger tips :

It is imperative to change the cannon to increase performance.

Use a quality grease to lubricate the parts.


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