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The GTEK (Planet Eclipse)

Written by Phil on . Posted in Markers

The GTEK is the middle-end of Planet Eclipse for closed bolt marker said Spool valve. It has the following characteristics:

– High (750 psi) or low pressure (350 psi) (average recommended pressure, 550 psi)
– SL4 Regulator
– OOPS (On / Off / Purge System)
– Spool Valve design
– Compatible Canon shaft 4/5 14.5 inches with 0689 base
– True 3 Bolt internship
– Initiation shooting via mechanical Switch
– Adjustable Card by flashes of color, LCD display is optionally available.
– Weight: 930 g (battery included cannon)
The GTEK of this article is the BLACK edition. It was announced at € 569 customer price including all taxes.

The GTEK is not a real ETHA, , it revisits the concept. This is apart a range which lies between the GEO and ETHA 3.5

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