Planet Eclipse Etha2, Emek cal 68 and cal50

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In this article, we will talk about the Etha2 and its mechanical version, the Emek, in caliber 68 and 50.

Whether Etha2 or Emek:

– high or low pressure (850 – 450psi)
– INLINE regulator
– POPS (On / Off / Purge System) with integrated regulator
– Spool valve design – gamma core
– Barrel Shaft 14.5 inch with base 0.689 for Etha2
– Barrel 10 inch standart for Emek
– Firing trigger via mechanical switch
– Adjustable color flash card
– weight: xxx g (barrel and battery included) for Etha2, xxx g (barrel included) for Emek

The Etha2 of this article is the Black / earth edition. It was announced at 429.95eu, customer price. In mid November 2019, it changed to 449.95eu. The Emek of this article is the Black edition. It was advertised at 219.95eu, customer price. In mid November 2019, it changed its price to 239.95eu. There is a magfeed version priced at 417eu.

1. The Gun case

Whether it is Etha2 or Emek, it comes in a cardboard box.

  • Etha 2:
    The gun case is a cover in HDE color fabric. It opens via a zipper in 2 parts. The 1st compartment contains the barrel in 2 parts. The 2nd contains the marker, the glossy booklet, the allen key kit, the repair kit, the grease tube and the barrel plug.
  • Emek :
    No gun case for the Emek. The cardboard box contains a preformed foam in which you will find the marker, its one-piece barrel, the manual and the barrel plug.

2. The ergonomy

The grip of Etha2 and Emek is identical.

The grip is similar to a competition marker and not a traditional leisure marker like the Tippmann 98 custom which remains the classic historical markers of leisure and rental.

3. The barrel :

The pitch of the gun whether Etha2 or Emek is cocker, like all the Planet Eclipse range.

  • Etha 2 :
    The barrel of Etha2 is in 2 parts. Its length is 14.5 inches. The base provided with, is 698.
  • Emek :
    The barrel is in one piece. Its length is 10 inches. Its base size is 689.
    It should be noted that because of this length of the barrel, the complete EMC kit of the Etha2 is not suitable with an Emek series. Planet has since developed a kit EMC specific to the EMEK which is the same as Etha2 without the extension for the barrel, hummmm, at the same price ….

In our opinion, switch to a 14 “barrel for the Emek is the priority upgrade.

4. Trigger

  • Etha2 :
The Etha2 has a so-called double trigger because it allows you to strum on itself. THE firing trigger is via a switch.
It also allows a finer adjustment via 3 screws.
1. The pre-travel A screw adjusts the distance that the trigger travels before activating the microswitch. Screwing clockwise reduces the distance (shorter trigger), counter-clockwise to increase the trigger stroke before firing.
2. The expansion spring screw B adjusts the force of the rebound return spring. Turning clockwise increases the resistance, turning counter-clockwise reduces the resistance.
3. The post-travel screw C adjusts the distance traveled by the trigger after the activation of the microswitch. Screwing clockwise reduces the distance (shorter trigger), counter-clockwise to increase the trigger stroke after firing.
  • Emek :
  • The Emek has a mechanical trigger for one finger. Like any mechanical marker, the Emek has a “safety notch”. On each side of it, there is an S for security and an F for Fire: meaning your Emek must be put on F to fire. In our opinion the “safety notch” is not an excuse to not put the barrel plug that remains the best security

5. Feeder

  • Etha 2 :
    The feeder of Etha2 is pvc. It is of classic design for a feeder of Planet Eclipse. Level size, it corresponds to the old models.
  • Emek :
    The first model of Emek had a feeder identical to the Etha2 but in view of the development of the loader PAL. The feeder is modified to accommodate the rod that shakes the PAL loader to drop the ball.

6. The eye system

The eye system only concerns Etha2.

The eye cover are completely reviewed. The big news for this system lies in the absence of electric cable! This is a real innovation for Planet Eclipse.

To access the eyes, provide you with the appropriate allen key so you can remove the eye cover by unscrewing the screw that holds it. Under the eye cover, you will find the diode of the eye as well as the ball detent.
A ball detent damaged is a cause of ball breakage.
Technical level: under the eye cover is a "crystal" that redirects the infrared beam of the diode that is under the firing chamber. Result the diode is not in contact with the ball. An element of longevity?
NEVER clean the crystal with water, ALWAYS dry.

To turn off the eyes: turn on your Etha and press and hold the On / Off button until the purple flash led. The process is the same to relight.

Malfunction of the eyes: If the flash LED purple quickly, you have a problem. Tip: clean, replace your eyes properly and check your battery.

7. The air system

The 2 air systems are identical except that the Etha 2 has an on / off system.

Whether Etha2 or Emek, the 2 accept pressures ranging from 450 to 850psi.

The velocity is adjusted by a screw located under the on / off.

8. The bolt

The bolt, gamma core, is the same whether it is Etha2 or Emek.

This is an evolution of the gamma core that equips the marker GTEK.

The bolt of Etha 2 and Emek get rid of the marker’s body by unscrewing it. It can be screwed and unscrewed by hand. The bolt system is composed of 3 parts: the bolt, the can alias bobbin and a set of piece “pro shaft”.

- The bolt is always equipped with 3 seals. The 2 front joints serve as bumper, shock absorbers. While the back seal (14x2 NBR70) is responsible for maintaining the pressure in the front firing chamber. The front seal (13 NBR70) serves to damp the fall of the ball when it meets the bolt in the recoil phase. The seal between the 2 is a NBR 90.
- The can is equipped with a single outer seal and an inner seal. The outer seal (20 NBR70) makes it possible to seal the solenoid pressure. The internal seal (17 NBR70) seals the pressure of the firing chamber. It should be noted here that the can is screwed to the proshat. Please always screw it completely without forcing.
- The set of parts that we nicknamed "proshaft" is composed of the bolt guide with its tip, the spool, the switch, the pluger, the valve chamber and back cap.
The maintenance of spool and switch is essential. Please also correctly screw the bolt guide on the Valve Chamber. To disassemble the bolt guide, do not use an Allen wrench in the holes or a wrench, just the right elbow grease with a cloth.

At the maintenance level, do not abuse the grease.

In regular maintenance, it is not necessary to disassemble your spool.

9. The solenoid

Solenoid only concerns Etha2.

The solenoid that equips the Etha2 is NOT entirely the same as the CS2 or the GTEK. He differs by the solenoid pilot. Spool maintenance is not necessary. Let the experienced tech do it.

To disassemble the Frame: Unscrew 2 screws holding the frame. There are no special precautions to separate the body of the CS2 from its handle. There is no cable between the 2. There is against the Etha2 a notch in the front to be respected. The solenoid has been completely overhauled since GEO CS1. It is removable. The solenoid is in two parts: one of power and the other a valve. The piston can be extracted using the small pliers.

Under the solenoid is the solenoid Gasket. This gasket is very important, please do not damage it. It does not require any maintenance except the day when to disassemble your solenoid.

When talking with the solenoid, please do not put too much fat. Please also evacuate any debris.

10. The regulator

The regulator of Etha2 and Emek are identical.

It is the ancestor or prototype of the SL5 regulator that equips the GEO CS1, CS1.5, CSR and CS2 range.

The piston is very similar. It is always equipped with a 14×2 nbr70 joint. As always we find a big spring below this one. The piston, as usual, will crash on a seal held in the “screw” velocity, adjuster.

Strangely, there have not been the same problems of duck noise or ramping on this regulator as the GEO CS1, CSR and CS1.5 have known.

11. The board

The board is only for Etha2.

It operates using a 9V battery in the front handle. It is noted that it is necessary to undo a clip under it before pressing the 2 clips on the side to extract the batteries. A + and – symbol is on the side to indicate the correct way in which the battery should be placed.

The card is illuminated with a button on the left side of the frame.
To set it, squeeze the trigger and turn on your Etha, the LED will be white. Release your trigger and the LED will be red. You are in the menu.

To cut the eyes, turn on your Etha2. Keep pressing the ignition button until it is purple.

To turn off your Etha2, keep pressing the ignition button until it changes from purple to red.

For menu details, go to the bottom of this article.

12. The frame

The handle of Etha2 and Emek are identical except for the part with the trigger. It holds all 2 in the body of the markers by 2 external screws.

13. Upgrade

For the Etha2,

The Emc kit, sold for 79.95eu, is available in colour black, brown and camo.

For the Emek,

There is also an EMC kit sold at 79.95eu. It exists only in black now. A stock that can hold a 0.2l bottle has been developed.

Pratical test :

Etha 2 :

Emek :

Conclusion :

An excellent toy for its price. It’s clearly a leisure marker with Planet eclipse reliability. He takes advantage of many technologies developed in competition. This is not a lowcost version or earlier of the competition markers. What sets him apart from such competitors as Tippmann, BT, etc. is his air consumption which is very low and thus it reduced kick and ease of maintenance (finished the 36 screws, the springs in all directions).

Black Tiger Tips :

Always a good Energy paintball or duracell battery. Regular maintenance will help you keep and keep your marker in top form.

Menu of the Etha2’s board : in french

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