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Planet Eclipse is a British company based in Manchester and founded in 1994. At the time, the company was called Paintball Planet. The company started with three employees in a garage, not having a great stock but the desire to provide the best.

In 2002, with the creation of the Eblade, an electronic update for autococker, Planet Eclipse started a new era in the Paintball domain. Thereafter markers like the Ego, the Etek, the Geo, and the Etha, the youngest, the brand keeps its reputation and original philosophy: always create the best.

The company remains on a human scale in contrast to others who are macro industries that produce in large numbers. They produce the best and join the the action to the words. When you receive a marker from Planet, it has a 99.99% to work. It always has two labels attached to the frame of the trigger. The first identifies the person who mounted the marker and certify that the it is complete. Thereafter the marker will pass three tests. First, a visual inspection to see if there is any missing part. Then the marker is put under pressure and if there is no leakage, Planet will make a few blank shots. Thereafter, the third test, it will draw thirty balls. I this final test is successful, the marker will be packed. We can call that a high quality service !

Planet Eclipse equips many teams amongst them the best known, Dynasty, Icon and now the Breakout from Spa (Belgium).


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