Loader: Virtue Spire vs Dye Rotor

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spire_vs_rotorThe Rotor is one of the most-known loader on the market. This loader that most of us have or have had. The Rotor equips thousands of players from around the world. Released in 2008, it immediately revolutionized the world of electronic loaders. Solid, reliable, efficient, and no-tools, no other loader could fight it until summer 2012 when Virtue, the designer of electronic cards, launched the Spire.

Virtue is a company based since 2004 in Hauppauge, New York, USA.

Here is a comparative test of the two most popular loaders: the Rotor (Dye) and the Spire (Virtue)

 Virtue SpireDye Rotor
Weight (empty with batteries)533g610g
Batteries needed3x AA3x AA
Capacity200 balls190 balls
SpeedVariable (step by step)Constant (40bps)
Possibility of ball break
caused by the mecanism
SpeedfeedVirtue Crown (45€)Rotor quick-feed (30€)
Other brands accessoriesNo (not yet)Yes (Exalt)
Game-styleBack playerAttacking player
Public price for basic version175€180€
Capacity upgrade260 balls cover (out current 2013)250 balls cover (25€)
Easy to change the
speedfeed with a cover
Manual systemNoYes
Can be used with reballs
(reusable balls)


The Spire is 77gr lighter (empty with batteries).

The Spire can hold more balls than the rotor.

Thanks to its adapting speed, the Spire allows you to empty your entire loader. For those who have or have had a rotor, when you are left with only a few balls in it, they tend to bounce on the helix and therefore do not engage in the feeder. More because of the constant speed, it is common to break a ball because of it.

Virtue has just develop a second, stronger speedfeed. It is very easy, unlike the rotor, to change it to a cover in case of rain. The downside is its price as they are sold at around 45 euros. On the rotor, you can get a speedfeed or quick feed for 15 euros from Exalt.

Virtue has no manual system. The future will tell us if it needed it. The rotor has a manual system in case a ball remain stuck which can easily happen with too large or deformed ball.

Virtue is also a little less “bulky” on the marker and allows better visibility.

The choice of a loader depends on your game-style

The Rotor is ideal for offensive players with its helix at the front. Indeed, the barrel of an attacker will always be either horizontal or leaning forward.

The Spire has an helix located at the rear, which is better suited to players who back up their guns up for shooting at longer distances and shots from above.

The Spire also has the advantage that it can be converted to a gravity loader by removing the motor block and the helix.


In the end,the two loaders are excellent and worth every 2. The choice of one or the other will be primarily based on your position on the field.

Virtue is currently releasing 260 shell and is working on a system to pump the ball forward: the Ramp Spring should be available soon at a price of around 10€. This system is very similar to the rotor.



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