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At the Millennium in Chantilly 2013 G.I. presented his loader the Pulse RDR for Reactive Dynamic Pulse Radar. We previously announced that it would be provided with two boosters to increase the initial capacity of the loader from 200 to 240 paintballs with a booster or 280 paintballs with 2 boosters. In addition, it should have been provided with a quickfeed or speedfeed (as you want). However, none of this at the opening of the box, nor any manual. What a disappointment for a loader with integrated chrony, which is priced at around 249 eur. A version without integrated chrony is announced but we do not know its release date and price. G.I. Pulse can be found in 8 colors: gray, blue, red, white, green, purple, orange and olive.

The model presented in this article is gray.

Comparison with its main competitors

 Virtue SpireDye RotorG.I. Pulse
Weight (empty with batteries)533g610g666g
Batteries needed3x AA3x AA4x AA
Capacity200 balls190 balls200 balls
SpeedVariable (step by step)Constant (40bps)Constant
anti-ball-break systemYesNoNo
SpeedfeedVirtue Crown (45€)Rotor quick-feed (30€)?
Other brands accessoriesNo (not yet)Yes (Exalt)?
Game-styleBack playerAttacking playerpolyvalent
Public price for basic version175€180€249€ with the chrony
Capacity upgrade260 balls cover (out current 2013)250 balls cover (25€)?
Easy to change the
speedfeed with a cover
Manual systemNoYesNo
Can be used with reballs
(reusable balls)


In terms of its dimensions , G.I. Pulse is greater than its competitors .

Its cover is not easy to open because of the rounded edge at the rear of the loader . In addition, it is hard and it prevents the proper placement of the pot above the orifice through which the paintballs must pass. Opening the cover is 90 ° relative to the ground level. In short if you want to place your pot vertically , or you force the hood will break or you place your pot along with the port , which is a total lack of flexibility. The best solution is to remove the cover.

G.I. Pulse is the only loader in the world with an integrated chrony . Its integrated chrony is interesting for certain settings of your marker. We compared it with the Virute Chrony. The test was performed indoor with fresh 3 Stars GI paintball. We could see an overestimation by the G.I. Pulse of an average 5 FPS compared to chrony Virtue. In our game use , we found it disturbing to see our ballspeed displayed for each shot .

G.I. Pulse turns on by pressing the 2 back buttons (on each side). The central button has the effect of varying the speed of the propeller in order to loosen a hypothetical ball . The rotor has a similar manual mechanical system. To access the menu , turn on the loader and hold the left button for 5 seconds. To navigate the menu , press the right button to move down the menu, press the left button to get into the menu. Press the center button to enter the selected sub-menu.
The idea of ​​integrating a menu is a good idea but it is only equaled by its failure (see end of the article with the menu). The only things missing even a critical parameter, which can be found on the cards for Virtue Rotor: adjusting the speed !

The opening of the G.I. Pulse is identical to the rotor size and same orientation as it i.e. to slightly bent backwards.

 IMG_2508 IMG_2507 IMG_2506 IMG_2505 IMG_2504 IMG_2502 IMG_2501 IMG_2422



The opening to access the loader of the mechanical system and the battery is facilitated by a central button located on the top of the screen. Continuous pressing the eject button, it pulls back the rear. From there, the loader was divided into 2 parts.

IMG_2500 IMG_2499

The first part, the outer shell.
It was originally planned that we can put a booster to increase the volume of the loader between these two parts (see the launch video). One would think it is an easy system. But it is not so! Unscrew 2 screws + make a subtle manipulation to separate the pieces. An explanation in a manual would have been usefull …

  • On the bottom, there is a ramp covered with foam vinyl. Good point!
  • In the upper part, there are 3 screws to remove the cover. Now we can not comment on Quickfeed / Speedfeed because as for now, it is still not available. So this loader is not playable in competition but this situation is temporary (we hope).

IMG_2498 IMG_2497 IMG_2496 IMG_2495 IMG_2494 IMG_2493 IMG_2492 IMG_2491

The second part, the propulsion system of the balls in the feeder and the chrony .

Starting with the battery compartment , it is located in the anterior part of the loader . It contains 4 AA 1.5V batteries The compartment opens by pushing the wall down.
Tackle the large propulsion system logs where the loader (for us) loses its interest . All parts are screwed ! Therefore it requires a Phillips screwdriver ! Why make a loader “tools” when all competitors are “no- tools” !
In our view, it is clearly possible, as the rotor , break a paintball by the simple movement of the paintballs in the loader by its corners screw or the fins above the eject paintballs mouth after helix . Moreover, as the Spire in case of fall loader that leads to the explosion of paintballs in the loader , it is extremely difficult to clean properly, in a minimum of time, the conduit through which the paintballs are pushed into the feeder by the propeller .

IMG_2490 IMG_2489 IMG_2488 IMG_2487 IMG_2486 IMG_2485 IMG_2484 IMG_2483 IMG_2482 IMG_2481 IMG_2480 IMG_2479 IMG_2478 IMG_2477 IMG_2476 IMG_2475 IMG_2474 IMG_2473 IMG_2470


G.I. Pulse accumulates defects towards its competitors and hammers it with screws (no pun intended). It has many defects. It has against the price advantage, because if you were to buy a competitive loader i.e. rotor or the Spire and efficient namely Virtue chrony, you might well be above the selling price of the Pulse.

Thank to the person who will recognize himself, for lending us this demo model.

What we likeWhat we don't like
The integrated rampQuick cleaning of the exhaust pipe
The chronyThe risk of breaking ball
Quality of materialsScrews everywhere
Costs with integrated chronyNo manual
The lack of ability to change screen from the Start screen
The absence and the difficulty of setting up the booster
The absence and the difficulty of setting up the Quickfeed / Speedfeed
Its weight

Black Tiger Tips

Board menu

Once in the menu card, the screen displays
EXIT MENU, to exit as its name suggests and return to the start menu.

GAME TIMER, to create a countdown.

SET ALARM, to create an alarm at a certain time of the countdown.

TIMER START, to select the trigger countdown. You have the choice between the first shot (BALLE), the first shot or button (BALL / BUTTON) and press the center button (BUTTON).

POWER SAVER, it is the number of seconds the screen stays on between two actions. You can choose 10, 30, 60 seconds or NEVER.  Be careful with your battery consumption.

HOT START,to choose whether to turn your loader, you want to squeeze a 2 or 3 buttons.

AUTO SHUTDOWN, to determine how long after between two actions, the time it takes to wait for your loader turns off. You can choose 5, 10 min or NEVER. Be careful to your battery consumption.

SPEED BOOST, You can increase the speed of your Pulse. Utility? More defects than advantage. Be careful to your battery consumption.

CHANGE DISPLAY, allows you to choose the startup screen. You can choose between the velocity (SPEED), the BPS (Ball per second), the counter ball (BALL TOTAL), the stopwatch or allowing you to switch views.
Why have not set a button to toggle the display on the home screen?

VERSION,  gives you the software version.
We do not yet know if a update is possible, we did not see any USB port to make one.

LANGUAGE, allows you to set the language in English (ENGLISH) and French.
No other languages ​​now.

FACTORY DEFAULT, to reset to factory settings.

TURN OFF, off the loader from the menu.

Promotional Vidéo


How many marbles can be contained in the G.I. Pulse ? Video in French



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