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This year it is the war of loaders. HK ARMY presents his loader, the TFX.

Summary :

– Constant speed (BPS 22)
– 2 AA batteries,
– Ability to 216 balls,
– Weight: 513 g with batteries.


The TFX presented in this article, is the Black / Gold version. It was announced to 226 had VAT, price.

The TFX you will be sold in a case that opens with a horizontal zipper. In our view, we find that this case is too massive to get into your paintball bag against it by the class.

IMG_4838 IMG_4837 IMG_4836
The TFX appears to us to be a hybrid between the rotor and the Spire. The shell opens in 2 as the rotor. A clip under the hood and a push button to remove the top shell from the rear.

IMG_4832 IMG_4833
The cover is extremely easy to remove. One might think that we could unscrew it but there is no push button between the screws that will allow you to remove as easily as the Spire. Hood and quick feed slides into a channel to be perfectly fixed. Some quick feeds are available for sale for 34EUR.

IMG_4831 IMG_4830 IMG_4828 IMG_4827 IMG_4826
In the lower shell, one finds the ball thrust system which is for a fixed structure (gray in the pictures) as the Spire but the driving part is similar to the rotor. The fixed portion is just held by a clip on the tip he simply release to exit the fixed portion of the lower shell. The driving part can be disassembled without tools. You simply pull the central stem upward. The driving part is composed of four parts: a tension ring, a cover for the cover, flexible helices and stiffer propellers.

IMG_4825 IMG_4824 IMG_4823 IMG_4819 IMG_4818 IMG_4812 IMG_4811 IMG_4810 IMG_4809
The fixed part is originally equipped with a tray that can raise and lower depending on the presence or not of ball.

IMG_4820 IMG_4821
Part of the engine is operated using two AA batteries. HK Army recommends using Energizer Lithium. In our opinion, we are not in favor of lithium. We prefer alkaline batteries energy paintball. The left button is the On / Off button. The right button to power the engine. Flat, the LED is somewhat aggressive and never change color. It is always green.

IMG_4816 IMG_4817 IMG_4834 IMG_4835
Under the hood, there is a tension adjuster. Depending on the position of it, it may be soft or hard.


Comparative :

 Virtue SpireDye RotorRotor R-2TFX
Masse à vide avec piles533g610g576g513g
Piles3x AA3x AA3x AA2xAA
Capacité200 billes190 billes195/255 billes216 billes
VitesseVariable (pas à pas)Constante (40bps)Constante (50bps)Constante (22bps)
Système anti-casse
de bille
SpeedfeedVirtue Crown (45€)Rotor quick-feed (30€)Rotor R2 quick-feed (39,95eu)HK Army Quickfeed (34,00eu)
Accessoires d'autres marquesNon (pas encore)Oui (Exalt)ncnc
Type de jeuBack playerAttaquantPolyvalentAttaquant
Prix public pour la version de base175€180€249.95€ 226 €
Extension de capacitéCoque 260 billes (sortie courant 2013)Coque 250 billes (25€)Coque rétractileNon
Facilité de changer le
speedfeed par un capot
Système manuelNonOuiOuiNon
Utilisable avec des reball
(billes en caoutchouc réutilisables)

Gallery :


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Conclusion : 

Opinions are somewhat divided. They say the TFX it fragile and poor manufacturing. Indeed, it should be noted that prior to the version presented in this article there have been other versions. The one presented is the latest and final one. The latter seems the opposite of what the players say, having had early versions. The TFX seems we Rotor-solid and functional as the Spire. It is a competitor that has its place. Too bad it is not bigger.

It has an advantage with Reball unlike other where only the Virtue was over.


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