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The GTEK is the middle-end of Planet Eclipse for closed bolt marker said Spool valve. It has the following characteristics:

– High (750 psi) or low pressure (350 psi) (average recommended pressure, 550 psi)
– SL4 Regulator
– OOPS (On / Off / Purge System)
– Spool Valve design
– Compatible Canon shaft 4/5 14.5 inches with 0689 base
– True 3 Bolt internship
– Initiation shooting via mechanical Switch
– Adjustable Card by flashes of color, LCD display is optionally available.
– Weight: 930 g (battery included cannon)
The GTEK of this article is the BLACK edition. It was announced at € 569 customer price including all taxes.

The GTEK is not a real ETHA, , it revisits the concept. This is apart a range which lies between the GEO and ETHA 3.5

1. The Gun case

The gun case will be delivered in a cardboard box with the original design of GTEK. It should be noted that the box gun are of different colors according to the color of GTEK.

The gun case of GTEK is a hard plastic box that opens with a horizontal zipper. When you receive it, the gun case will be covered with a transparent plastic film. Once the gun open box, there are two compartments. The compartments are filled with a rigid foam. The first compartment will contain your marker and a key game allen on a support, a stunning glossy manual, a barrel plug in GTEK design, a fat pipe and a hand full kit.

The second compartment contains the forehead and the 0689 base. The location to place an additional 2 bases and forehead is already planned.

IMG_4975 IMG_4976 IMG_4977 IMG_4978 IMG_4979 IMG_4980

2. Ergonomy

The GTEK  has 2 grips.

Typically we find a grip on the frame held by two screws on each side. And, currently, there is a grip on the handle of the regulator in one piece as ETEK 5.
The controller grip is not especially easy to remove the first time.
The handling is simply perfect. It is a marker of striker like his older brothers, the GEOs.



3. The barrel

The barrel has the version Compatible Shaft 4/5.

The GTEK comes with a 0689 base. The barrel, once mounted, is 14.5 ”. Viewpoint quality shot, it equates its competitors as Dye Ultralight.

Compatible 4/5 Shaft has no cocker screw. It should be noted that the screw thread for connection to the front is inverted.


Other bases are available in 0,681,0,685 and 0.693. If you want a longer barrel, note that Planet has released a front of 16 “, which is available only in black.

Parenthesis: the wide debate 14 “against 16” Outside the place of considerations in the game, the 16 “has that advantage, to have a precision LONG distance greater than 14”. Moreover this is marginal, because the guidance of the ball is longer, the pressure required for a given scope is lower, therefore the air consumption is reduced and the kick and the risk of breakage ball. BUT we insist that this point, the air consumption is more theoretical than anything else.


4. Triggertrigger

The firing of the Etek 5 is done via a mechanical switch

To set your trigger:

  • Screw A: It is the race to to screw forward. Unscrew to increase the race. Screw to reduce the race.
  • Screw B NOT USE to set the trigger. It is just there to keep the “trigger pin” in place. Please do not touch
  • Screw C: This is the screw of the magnet of the flexibility or stiffness of the trigger. Unscrew to make your light trigger. Screw it hard to make your trigger.
  • The screw D: This is the race screws backward. Unscrew to increase the race. Screw to reduce the race.



Dissambled trigger:

  • Remove the handle (Frame)
  • Loosen the screw on the silver metal plate.
  • Drag the “pin trigger” from the slot.
  • So you have your trigger hand. Take care not to damage the switch trigger from firing.


trigger 2


5. Feederfeeder

The feeder is the same design as the GEO 3 except that in the GTEK release as ETEK version, it is PVC. It is of robust design. It is independent of the body of the marker, which is worth it tight to the body of the marker via a screw. Tightening adjustment of the loader is also done using a screw which unfortunately requires the use of an Allen wrench.

Particularity, the feeder is not on the same of the axis of the marker to reduce the ball breakages.
Despite their robust design, all feeder Planet Eclipse are breakable. If dropped, Planet prefers to see the marker down rather than breaking the bones of their owner.n

IMG_4989 IMG_4990

6.The eyes system

eye cover

The eye covers always cover the eyes and detent ball. They hold the marker via a screw. The system does not undergo change.

If no ball in the firing chamber, the flash will blink yellow. The marker will not fire.

In the presence of a ball in the firing chamber, flash flash light blue. Attention, the marker can shoot.

To turn on the eyes: Hold down the button on the handle until the purple flash light flash slowly. Attention, the marker can shoot.

If blocked: In case of eye problem, the flash will blink rapidly purple. Attention, the marker can shoot.


IMG_4982 IMG_4993 IMG_4994


Note: Do not think that the electric cables with eye covers may damage them. If your eye covers are not set up properly, or you have to use force to screw them, is that the electric cable is in the way. Please also during cleaning to clean the orifice wherein the diode of the eye is received.


7. The air systemoops

The air system is identical to that of the ETEK 5 and ETHA.

The air system does not undergo change. This is always a ring screw to allow circulation of air in the marker. We recommend using medium pressure (550psi) to have good air flow at any time in your GTEK.



8. The boltbolt

The bolt is opened without tools using the “Quick release bonnet”.

IMG_5023 IMG_5022 IMG_5021
The bolt is composed of 10 parts but practically 5. From front to back, are:

– The Can, here in blue. It is equipped with 2 joints, external and internal 20 NBR70 17 NBR70. What is a typical configuration. It is screwed to the bolt guide which itself is screwed to the valve chamber.
– The Bolt, here in gray. It is equipped with front to back of a seal 13 NBR70 to cushion the ball at his fall from feeder, a center 15 NBR90 a joint to cushion the bolt in his movements and forth 14×2 NBR70 seal to seal the pressure chamber. When servicing the bolt must stick to the vertical guide bolt. If not, gaskets worn.
– The third part consists of a bolt guide, spool (red), the switch, the spool spring, the spring guide, the plunger, the chamber valve and quick release cap. The bolt guide and the spool replaces proshaft GEO ui it avoids the phenomenon of the cylinder head that sticks aka anti bolt stick, ABS said.

IMG_5019 IMG_5018 IMG_5017 IMG_5016 IMG_5015


9. The solenoidsole

The solenoid is removable. Caution do not take off the solenoid yourself, let it done by tech experts. The solenoid is retained to the body of the marker by 2 screws. Below it there are the 2-way solenoids. For each channel, there is a seal.

The solenoid is in 3 parts:
– The body solenoid in which the “spool solenoid” comes and goes.
– The solenoid pilot is required to body by two screws which are identical to the two screws holding the solenoid in place.
– Between the 2 part, we find the “solenoid plate” makes manifold office. The flat lies in the body by two mini screws.

IMG_5009 IMG_5010 IMG_5011 IMG_5012 IMG_5013


10. The regulatorreg

The inline regulator SL4 is the 4th version of the SL controller. It is essentially identical to its predecessor except for the shape of her body. It consists of 6 rings and a seal that cushions the fall of the piston. Under the seal, there is a spring. This spring will not open for short-term wear. It is rare to have to change it. Between the seal and spring, there is the Purge Poppet Assembly makes connection between the two and to center the spring in place.

At the junction with the body of the marker, there is a filter held by a screw.

Viewpoint difference with the regulator SL3:

  • The piston of the regulator SL4 is shorter than its predecessor.
  • The spring piston SL4 is gold and not silver as in the SL3.
  • The Fit Top (gold coin velocity screw) has smaller and round holes on the SL4. A wish to reduce the pressure in the SL4 ???

IMG_4995 IMG_4996 IMG_4997 IMG_4998
Compared to SL5 new regulator that can be found in GEO CS1, he is not well integrated into the frame and can absorb higher pressures. Planet Eclipse has not perhaps not put its finest regulator in the GTEK but certainly the most reliable value today.



11. The board

The GTEK retains a basic map that GEO or EGO but has evolved. You may adjust a screen on this card, already available. It should be noted that under the plate which takes the place of the screen is a QR to facilitate control of your screen.

Possible settings via the map to go to the essentials (see end of article the card menu). The settings without the screen are via flash of color.

mode de tir ROF sensor off ROF factory reset dwell

To turn on your GTEK, press the power button above the screen on the handle. The flash will be blue. Release the button, the flash will blink yellow if there is no ball in the firing chamber. If there is a ball, it will flash blue sky.

To cut eyes, hold press the power button until the flash becomes purple.

To turn off your GTEK, press and hold the power button until the flash turns red.

To access the map menu and unlock the card:
tournament lock

  • Turn on your GTEK (without air)
  • Unscrew the grip of the handle
  • Locate the side button on the map
  • Press the button if the flash is flashing green, the card is locked. If the flash is flashing red, the map is unlocked.
  • Turn off your GTEK
  • Press the trigger continuously, turn on your GTEK. The flash will light up blue.
  • Release the power button, 3 white flashes will appear and then the flash will appear in red continuously, you are in the first map menu.




The battery is a 9V. She made contact with life map an electric cable. It is recommended to place the battery down to foster contacts.

To remove the battery :





It is possible to adapt an OLED (already on sale) on the GTEK map.

For this, here’s how to install:

– Remove the grip,
– Remove the battery,
– Slide the card to the outside (opposite side of the stack)
Please keep the ON / OFF button
– Remove the Eclipse black cover before the “glass”.
Note the behind thereof, a QR.
– Plugez your new screen on the map
– Reassemble everything.

Video installation of the OLED screen :

12. The frame

To remove the frame:

  • Remove the grip of the frame and battery,
  • Remove the macroline,
  • Disconnect the electrical cables of the eyes and solenoid,
  • Unscrew the two screws on the frame.Please make sure you do not damage electrical cables.

IMG_5005 IMG_5007 IMG_5014
Video of dissambleding frame


The practical Test :

The test was performed on 2/12, in good weather and 10 ° C.

The ball was the old GI 5 Stars. The clock was the Virtue. The gun was mounted with a 0689 insert. The bottle was in high pressure set at 779 psi.

The GTEK is very similar to a geo 2 perspective kick and noise.
The GTEK pulls like a GEO 3.1. It therefore has more shot bell that GEO3 but less than GEO3.5.

Viewpoint regularity, the GTEK a similar score 3.1 GEO in our database.


Video shot comparison between GEO and CS1 GTEK:






This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Conclusion :

The GTEK is not a simple evolution of state or a low-end GEO. It falls within the range of markers was around 500. It includes elements from the other two categories. The element that makes some better than its competitors, it is the contribution of the regulator SL4 team GEO 3.1, 3.5, and LV1 LV1.1 pro. This controller has been proven both in regularity that autonomy.

The GTEK allow players to the modest average or beginner players to start the competition, the same high level without being ridiculous.


We likedWe disliked
The priceKick
the gun case designRemovable solenoid
easy maintenance
SL4 regulator
Head grip


The Black Tiger’s Tips :

Gardez les paramètres d’origine.

Prévoyez également des embases plus serrées.



Promotional video :



Board menu :IMG_5000

Once in the board menu,

To enter a submenu, press for 3-4 seconds and release the power button. Enter the desired value by pressing the required number of times the trigger. When finished, press quickly once the power button, the flash of the GTEK will inform that the value is entered and stored in flanchant green then it will automatically return to the main menu. To change the menu, press the trigger wait until a desired sub menu.

For a value to be accepted by the card, it is necessary that after the encoding, the card must flash 3 x GREEN. If red wane, the value is rejected.


In red, this is the shooting menu
mode de tir

  • Value 1: Uncapped Semi
    Here shots are semi automatic rate of fire without limit except that the speed of your fingers on the trigger.
  • Value 2: Capped SemiHere shots are semi automatic with limit rate of fire to 15 buses (ball per second)
  • Value 3: 12.2 PSPHere the firing mode is that of the PSP (2015). The rate is 12.2 bps default. The ramping not triggering as a result of three shots (trigger pull).
  • Value 4: 10.2 MILLHere shooting mode is one of the Millennium. The firing rate is 10.2 bps default. The ramping not triggering as a result of three shots (trigger pull). ATTENTION, once the encoded value, PRESS quickly once the O button to confirm the value.


In green, this is the ROF is, therefore, the rate of fire with eyes on. This adjustment is made from 4 to 15 bps. The setting can be refined at 0.1 bps. By default, the value is 15.0 bps.


Example: you want to set your GTEK is 10.4 bps. Green menu. Press the O button 2 seconds, the light goes out. Press the trigger 10 times, once fast the O button 4 times and finally the trigger once the button O.


 ATTENTION, once the encoded value, PRESS quickly once the O button to confirm the value.








In blue, this is the ROF off, so the rate of fire without eye on. This adjustment is made from 4 to 15 bps. The setting can be refined at 0.1 bps. The default is OFF ROF 10.0 bps.
factory reset

Example: you want to set your GTEK a dwell of 10.4. Blue Menu. Press the O button 2 seconds, the light goes out. Press 10 times the gate (for units) rapidly once the Y button, both the trigger 4 (for tenths) and finally once the button O.



 ATTENTION, once the encoded value, PRESS quickly once the O button to confirm the value.







Purple, it is setting the dwell. This setting is of 18-28 ms. A flash is 0.1 bps. By default, do not touch the value of the duel, it is set for the most courantes.dwell situations

The default value is 23.0 ms.

 ATTENTION, once the encoded value, PRESS quickly once the O button to confirm the value.







Blue sky, this is the Debounce setting is the sensitivity of the trigger. This setting is done 1 to 10 unit. A flash is 1 unit. We recommend placing it on 2. The default is 5.


 ATTENTION, once the encoded value, PRESS quickly once the O button to confirm the value.








Dark blue, this is the setting to turn back to factory settings. To do this, go to the card menu, press 2 seconds the LOCK button on the map. The light blue flachera
ROF sensor off









To know the value encoded in the card, the color of the menu, quickly press once the button O. Light the number of times the encoded value.



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