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The M2 is the top-of-the-line Dye Paintball marker.

Here are its features:

– Pressure between 450 and 850 psi (MAX). We recommend 450 psi.
– Spool valve mechanism
– Bolt billy wing
– Hyper5 Regulator
– Mechanical Switch
– UL 14 “684 and 688
– Front Pro tip 14.5 inches
– Adjustable card by LCD and questionable via USB
– weight: 860g (canon and battery included)

The M2, shown here, is the Deep Waters version.
The M2 is announced at 1699.95 € for the public.

1. The Gun case

Dye display all in his gun box. It is always a neoprene case with a zipper. It is composed of 2 compartments composed of preformed foam. The first contains the M2 marker and the USB cable. The 2 ‘compartment contains 2 UL sockets (684 and 688), a grease tube, a tool kit, a part kit and a card. This card is a USB stick that contains the manual and the Dye catalog.

IMG_5671 IMG_5672 IMG_5673 

2. The ergonomic

The ergonomics is simply extraordinary. Naturally one places the thumb of the hand holding the regulator over the barrel. The space between the thumb and forefinger of the hand holding the frame fits perfectly into the notch of the handle. The trigger frame space is a good size and perfect shape. Its curved down portion allows you to pianotate on the tip of the trigger without bumping or cutting on the trigger frame.

Whether the regulator or the frame, the 2 are equipped with a grip. Only the grip of the regulator will require an allen key to be disassembled.

To disassemble the grip of the frame, you will need to force a little bit the first time. We recommend that you follow the instructions in the manual, they are perfectly accurate.





3. The barrel


The barrel remains the Dye Ultralight. It is in 2 rooms not to cocker. The M2 will be supplied with 2 sockets (688 and 684).

A 16 “front exists for sale.

IMG_5675 IMG_5677

4. The trigger

Simply said, the trigger of the M2 is a hell.

To remove the trigger, you will need to remove the grip to access the screw that passes through the trigger.



To adjust the trigger:

trigger 1 trigger 2
1 / Screw 1 sets the path forward.
2 / Screw 2 sets the path backwards.
At most this life is screwed, at the most the journey backwards is reduced.

CAUTION if you reduce it too much, the trigger point will not be reached.






3 / Screw 3 adjusts the firing point on the switch.

This is difficult to access. We recommend removing the trigger and the handle for ease.

CAUTION it is a very small screw that acts on a magnet if you screw it or unscrew, there is too much risk to lose it.




4 / Screw 4 sets the angle at which the trigger blade is located without affecting the trigger activation point. It is simply impossible to reduce it to the minimum that the trigger would allow.



5. Feeder

The feeder has not undergone any evolution. It is still part of the body of the marker. The clamp is adjusted without tools just by tightening or unscrewing the clamp.



6. The eye system

The eye system has evolved somewhat. The eyes are always held in place by a half black circle that hold them in place. The diode cables in the M2 are extra short. They always pass through the same orifice and connect under the body of the M2 on an electronic board.

The eyes are always protected from the ball and dirt by an EYE PIPE that has a little advanced level. It is still as annoying to set up.

IMG_5638 IMG_5639 IMG_5640
How to cut the eyes? Press the joystick down until the eye logo changes to red.

7. The air system

The air system is identical to the DM14. Just the valve or switch is more massive design.

The position of the ASA is adjusted by a screw on the front part. You will be able to adapt its position to one centimeter.

To disassemble the ASA, you will have to disassemble the grip. Thus you will have access to the screw.

Once the ASA is disassembled you will be able to access the red joint that joins the frame and the ASA.


8. The bolt


The bolt is composed of 4 pieces.

1 Cylinder. In this room it is essential to properly clean the orange seal (017 BN70). To clean it properly, it is essential to remove it carefully so you can clean it and its notch thoroughly.

3 Bolt with 2 Bolt sails (joints). To remove the bolt from the Cylinder, you will need to remove the blue seal in its front part.

4 Top Hat

5 Manifold with 6 Tool-less Back Cap which via a push button will allow you to pull out your bolt without tools.

Comments on the bolt of the M2, or the Tool-less back cap, c is quite the bolt of a DM9.


IMG_5643 IMG_5644 IMG_5645 IMG_5646 IMG_5647

9. The LPR (low pressure regulator)

The LPR is pre-set to 65psi.

CAUTION Adjusting the LPR:

  • If set too high, you risk breaking your balls, increasing the kick and your air consumption.
  • If set too low, the M2 may not have enough air to keep its camping cycle.To properly adjust your LPR. Pressurize. Turn on your M2. Cut your eyes. Screw in your LPR screw. Unscrew until your bolt makes a full normal cycle and then unscrew 2 turns.

IMG_5648 IMG_5649 IMG_5651 IMG_5653
IMG_5654 IMG_5655 IMG_5656 IMG_5657

10. The solenoid

The solenoid is the same as the DYE NT. Underneath this one seal makes the seal with the body of the marker.

DYE does not advise to disassemble it as well as the eye system. In addition to that, they put a small sticker that is an insurance for the warranty.

IMG_5635 IMG_5636 IMG_5637

11. The regulator


The solenoid is the same as the DYE NT. Underneath this one seal makes the seal with the body of the marker.

DYE does not advise it to disassemble it as well as the eye system. In addition to that,  they put a small sticker that is an insurance for the warranty.

IMG_5658 IMG_5659 IMG_5660

Because its access is not easy. Dye will recognize you to maintain it every 6 months or every 75,000 – 100,000 shots.


 12. The board

The board is equipped with a screen. It is powered by a battery that is recharged by a microSD cable.


IMG_5628 IMG_5627

How do you unlock the board ?

Locate the double black switch on the board. If # 2 is ON, the card is locked. In addition you can see the status of the card on the screen using the padlock. If the lock is open, the menu of the card is accessible.




The screen has 2 displays full. We move from one to the other by pressing the joystick to the left.

The Play screenplay-screen

The system check screen



How do you enter the menu?

Unlock the card. Press the joystick upwards. Choose your profile. Press and hold for 2 seconds.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The practical test

For those who knew him, the shot is very pocket of the DM9. This is a bell shot. The regularity is excellent. The kick and the noise are always the same.
The correct setting of your M2 is very important. An incorrectly set M2 will make a totally different sound.





Dye stays in the race. The M2 is the perfect competitor to the CS1 and Luxe ICE.

We likedWe disliked
The thin and lightweight designBattery
Great Ergonomyset up trigger
The second backTo many o-rings
Materials of high qualityEye cleaning
Grip no tool
Feeder no tool
No macro-line



Black Tiger tips

Clean your M2 regularly using the right grease.

Promotion video :

Board Menu :

Once the profile is selected by remaining pressed on it

  • Performance Settings :perfomance-settings



Game clock: allows you to set the countdown according to the game you are playing.

Trigger sensivity: We recommend the value 5. As indicated, this parameter sets the trigger sensitivity. Be careful not to go too hard otherwise you risk having bounce.

Rate of Fire: 10.3 ball per second. This is the maximum number of beads per second your M2 will debit.

Firing Mode: Millenium. This is the firing mode.

Dwell: we recommend the value of 16ms. This is the opening time of the solenoid to push the cylinder head forward.

ABS: We recommend the value of 5. This is the number of additional milliseconds during which your solenoid will remain open during the first shots.

ABS Wait Time we recommend the value of 15. This is the time that will happen after the last shot before the ABS will work again. This value can range from 10 to 90 seconds.

Eye delay: We recommend the value of 3. This is the time that will elapse before the marker shoots after a shot.


  • Data Setting : data-settings




Customize profile name: This mode allows you to rename your profile 1 in eg “dye m2”

Select play mode screen: allow you to choose the chrono, a personalized message like your name OR the shot counter.

Select boot screen: This is the choice of the boot logo. It is possible to customize it.

Shot counter: This is the total number of total shots since the last reset. This counter can be reset.

Total shot count: This is the total shot number of the marker. This counter can not be reset.

Rate of fire peak / avg: This is a shame representing the performance of your M2. It is advisable to have the flatest plot if you do not change your settings.

Brightness: This is the brightness of your screen.

Screen sleep: This is the time it will take for your screen to go into standby.

Audio: This is the volume of your card.

Auto shut off: This is the time it takes for your marker to go out on its own.

P.S.I. : This is a display that informs you about the pressure of your regulator and LPR.

Service system: this is a ball counter that informs you when you need to do your maintenance. We recommend that you do not use this function. Daily maintenance is the best.

Reset to default: resets your settings.


  • Training mode :training-mode

The M2 has 3 modes of training: break, snap and firing speed.


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