The GEO3 by Planet Eclipse

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geo3The GEO3 is top-notch from Planet Eclipse markers closed bolt. It has the following features:

– High pressure only
– SL3 regulator
– POPS (On / Off / Purge System)
– Spool valve design
– Shaft4 Barrel 14.5 inches with insert 0.689
– Cure bolt ST1 and ST2
– Mechanical and Optical Switch
– LCD screen board compliant with E-Portal
– Weight: 870g (battery and barrel included)

The GEO3 from Black Tiger is a limited edition (only 14 pieces) of the Harpies design (French women’s Paintball team evolving in France).
The GEO3 is announced at 1250 €, customer price.

The Etek4 by Planet Eclipse

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etek4The Etek4 corresponds to the mid-range at Planet Eclipse and has the following features:

– High pressure recommend
– SL3 regulator
– 2012 OOPS (On / Off Purge System)
– Zick2 rammer kit
– Shaft4 barrel 14.5 inches with 0.693 insert
– Cure bolt
– Mechanical Switch
– Plastic handle (LT) or metal (AM)
– Configurable board by flashes of color
– Weight: 1010g (barrel and battery included)

The ETEK 4 from Black Tiger is the version AM 4 HDE Forest. AM meaning « All Metal ». It is announced at € 565 for the public.

The ETEK 4 also exists in another version called “LT”, meaning Light. In this version, the handle is plastic, which reduces the marker weight. Now we prefer to advise you the AM version for best quality / price ratio. The LT version is 470€ for the public.

The ETHA by Planet Eclipse

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ethaThe Etha is the entry level marker from Planet Eclipse. Its characteristics are as follow:

– Accepts low and high pressure (high pressure recommended)
– Shaft4™ barrel 14.5 inches with a standard 0.693 insert
– Mechanical switch trigger
– SL3™ regulator
– Plastic handle
– Adjustable Card by flashes of color
– Weight: 940g (with battery and gun)

The Etha from Black Tiger is a limited black edition engraved by CAMP paintball.
The Etha is announced at 366 € for the public.

The DM13 by Dye

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High-end marker from Dye

– Compatible with high and low pressures
– Barrel Ultralite™ 14 inches with 0.688 standard insert
– Fuse™ bolt
– Ironmen™ trigger
– Eye-Pipe™ system
– Hyper3™ regulator
– No-Tool grip

Available in the stores at a public price of around 1250 €.
The Blacktiger’s DM13 is the classic Tan/Red edition.

The Demon 2013 by Vanguard

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demonOur marker at Vanguard is the Demon 2013, this is the limited edition “Avalanche” from the Avengers series in the “Thor” colors: silver/gray/red.

– Accepts high and low pressure (but low pressure is recommended)
– Created after years of research and development with a gas through regulator and full Patented Bolt design
– Bolt specifically designed for high efficiency rates, a smoother shot and lower maintenance
– Unique solenoid and software systems
– Full color OLED board, USB charging, Easy Bolt maintenance
– 14 inches barrel with 0.698 and 0.685 inserts

Public recommended price: 1.400$

And a bonus surprise awaits you at the end of this article!

The Vapor 2013 by Machine

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vaporThe Vapor is a marker produced by Machine, a recent company from texas.

– Low pressure only
– LCD screen
– Magnetic eye-covers
– Fine design
– 14 inches barrel with 4 inserts: 0.681, 0.685, 0.689 et 0.693

Curious about this enigmatic marker that seems to have enjoyed a very promising design, we are pleased to begin our comparative test with this version of the Euro 2013 Vapor bearing the colors of Blacktiger (Glossy Black and Red) announced at a retail price of € 1,550 ($ 1,650 U.S.).

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