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This year it is the war of loaders. HK ARMY presents his loader, the TFX.

Summary :

– Constant speed (BPS 22)
– 2 AA batteries,
– Ability to 216 balls,
– Weight: 513 g with batteries.


The TFX presented in this article, is the Black / Gold version. It was announced to 226 had VAT, price.

The Dye i4

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The Dye i4, champion Dye brand was launched in 2008. This mask has made its proof. There are multiple colors, changing every year with the new collection. Currently, in 2014, the I4 is sold between 104 and 129 ear based on the color. It will be sold with a carrying case with I4 design.

executive Summary:

Screen: Thermal
Vision: Large
Removal: Easy and fast
Protection: Limited
Visor: Not available
Foam: Comfortable, thick and quality
Headband: Unique adjustable
Ventilation: Optimal
Fan: Not available


The Batteries

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At your request, we write below an article on batteries that represent most of the failures that markers encounter on the fields.11970859362137157163crazyterabyte_low_battery_icon_3svghi


For your information, you can find on the market:

9 V battery Energy Paintball costs 4 eu.
Duracell 9V battery costs between 4.83 and 5.43 eu.
A DLX battery costs 20 eu.
9 V battery reload Duracell costs 11.95 eu more the adapter for a total of ten 20 – 25 eu.

Loader: The Pulse RDR (G.I. Sportz)

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At the Millennium in Chantilly 2013 G.I. presented his loader the Pulse RDR for Reactive Dynamic Pulse Radar. We previously announced that it would be provided with two boosters to increase the initial capacity of the loader from 200 to 240 paintballs with a booster or 280 paintballs with 2 boosters. In addition, it should have been provided with a quickfeed or speedfeed (as you want). However, none of this at the opening of the box, nor any manual. What a disappointment for a loader with integrated chrony, which is priced at around 249 eur. A version without integrated chrony is announced but we do not know its release date and price. G.I. Pulse can be found in 8 colors: gray, blue, red, white, green, purple, orange and olive.

The model presented in this article is gray.

Regulators and bottles

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bouteille_fuelFor a marker to work correctly, its various mechanical elements must work with good pressure. It is not uncommon to see failures due to excessive pressure, causing the breakdown of the o’rings. To advise you the best in your choice of bottle/preset combination, it is necessary to understand the inner workings of your marker.

Loader: Virtue Spire vs Dye Rotor

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spire_vs_rotorThe Rotor is one of the most-known loader on the market. This loader that most of us have or have had. The Rotor equips thousands of players from around the world. Released in 2008, it immediately revolutionized the world of electronic loaders. Solid, reliable, efficient, and no-tools, no other loader could fight it until summer 2012 when Virtue, the designer of electronic cards, launched the Spire.

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